A travel blog by Ilonca van Geffen

Who am I?

Goodmorning, afternoon, evening, night? Whatever time you're reading this (please do get some sleep). My name is Ilonca van Geffen and I love traveling. I am a student at the Anna van Rijn College in the Netherlands and being a bilingual student there means that you have to go on WISWEX which is an internship in a foreign country. Because I had to prove that I actually did something and wasn't sunbathing and taking some days off, they asked me and my classmates to keep a blog. Which is the reason why you're able to read this. I do plan on using this blog outside of WISWEX as well so the WISWEX part is Spain, 2018 and anything besides that is done in my free time. 

Of course, I am not only a student. I love art in any way possible. Personally, I draw and photograph. I always try to take as much inspiration from my journeys as possible and take lots of pictures. Simply because a picture says more than words ever will.

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